Kitty Pryde


SIGN: Pisces
CITY: New York City

Where are you from ?

Daytona, Florida.

Do you make your own music/beats?

No, when I first started I would just rap over Mad Lib and MF Doom beats and just random instrumental songs that I already liked. And then, people would just send songs to me. All of the songs that I made where just from random guys who would email them to me or my friends made them for me, stuff like that.


So, do you write words a lot then? Do you keep a journal?

Yeah, I write all the time! A lot of it’s not songs though; its just random things, and then I turn them into songs later.

Do you ever write full stories?

I do write stories but I don’t write fiction. I’ll write an entire story about something that happened to me.

Like a journal entry?

Yeah, like that.

Do you ever post these stories online?

No. (laughs)

How many albums do you have out now?

I have two EPs out now. I had a mix tape from a while ago then there was one EP that’s actually been publicized, and I’m working on a new one now.

Who are some of your favorite musicians and rappers?

My favorite bands of all time are The Talking Heads and Why. Also, Daniel Johnston and Elliot Smith are some of my favorites. And then there were some rappers who came up when I was in middle school that I liked, like Petey Pablo, Chingy and Young Jock and the whole snap music thing.


Are you on a label or just releasing your music by yourself?

Just releasing it myself.

Have you done a full American tour yet?

No, so far I’ve played Los Angeles, Atlanta, Madison, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Florida.

When did you start making music?

It’s been a little over a year now, about a year and a half.


Wow, well you’ve done a lot in a year! So how did you promote yourself; how did your music get noticed?

All I ever did was post a song on my blog, on my Tumblr. I would just be like, ‘Ha ha look, this is funny,’ and it just caught on you know. People would repost it on their blogs and stuff.

What was the song that was the viral hit?

OK Cupid was the one that made it the farthest in the blogs. It got the most notes on Tumblr and then we made a video for it.

Kitty Pryde

Did you grow up in a musical family?

Yeah, kind of. I mean, my Dad has always been super into music; he plays guitar and he got me into a lot of the stuff that I like now. And my brother is like a musical prodigy; it sucks kind of, because he can play any instrument and he’s just amazing at all of them and he has a really good ear for music. It’s really annoying, because I didn’t have any musical talent. For instance, one time a newspaper interviewed my dad and they asked him, ‘So what do you think of this whole phenomenon with Kitty becoming so successful in music?’ And he was like, ‘I don’t understand why because Kyle’s the one who has all the talent.’

And yeah, I can agree on that.

Has your brother made any music with you ?

No, not yet. I’m really, really picky with my music.

You two just have different styles?

Yeah, kind of, I mean he’ll do things exactly the way that I want him to if I tell him to, but I don’t want to do that.

Is there a certain person who makes most of your beats?

It started with Beautiful Lou, who made OK Cupid and Orion’s Belt. And then lately my best friend Grant, he’s an incredible producer and all of the songs that I’ve been writing to lately are by him.

How many video’s do you have out now?

Two, and I’m working on another one for the song Ay Shawty that we’ll be filming soon in New York.

So you’re working on your third EP now?

Yeah, recording that now. Everything I’ve recorded so far has just been by myself in my room or in Grant’s room.

What program do you use to make your songs?

Garage Band. All of my songs have been made with Garage Band.

And where can people buy your music?

I have a bandcamp site, and that’s the only place right now, it’s

Kitty Pryde Emma Kathan

Kitty’s Chart:

Sun in Pisces: Sensitive, Poetic, Romantic, Artistic Self-Expression, Daydreamer, Selfish but Compassionate.
Moon in Aries: Impulsive, Determined, Impatient and Independent, Competitive, Courageous.
Mercury in Pisces: Express yourself poetically, musically. Sensitive to words. ”Normal” communication may be a problem, tendency to “zone out” when trying to communicate rationally. Impressionistic speech.
Venus in Aries: Bold. Strongly go after what you want. Maintain your independence while in relationships, usually the leader in love and groups of friends. Great performer. Self-assured and strong.
Mars in Cancer: Ambitious. Outgoing. Get angry, act aggressively when you feel threatened. Prefer to work alone instead of in a group. Moody, emotional, expect friends and partners to know what you are thinking without having to say it out loud. Self-assertive, courageous, enthusiastic, short tempered.
Jupiter in Libra: Generous, you will have luck in life by treating people fairly and equally. You are courageous and good at promoting yourself. Can see both sides of issues. Enjoy being in the spotlight instead of behind the scenes. You are a good leader but need to be careful of egotism.
Saturn in Aquarius: A feeling of being a loner. Superiority complex. Inventive, original ways of thinking and acting. Prefer to work alone instead of in a group or to be the leader of the group. When saddened try to think of an innovative way to improve the situation.
Uranus in Capricorn: Ambitious, responsible, hard working at any business you undertake. Stubborn in your own ideas and how to see them through. Strong ego. Rebellious to societal norms and authority.
Neptune in Capricorn: Magnetic personality. Dream of success through wealth and power. You may find work as a teacher, spiritual leader or musician. Your work must satisfy your spiritual side for you to be happy. Using your imagination and creativity, you will achieve success in the business you choose for your career.
Pluto in Scorpio: Your creative pursuits are strongly linked with helping others. You fight for human/animal rights. You like to bring the darkness of humanity into the light. You feel deeply and psychically. You must be careful about feeling that you are always right. Interested in the occult and hidden facets of human personalities.
Chiron in Leo: You feel it is hard to communicate with others, but at the same time you have a strong desire to get your point across to them. A very strong ego. You are very creative and may feel that you weren’t appreciated for your talents when you were a child, and so work harder to get your creative vision across as you age. Can be very competitive. Desire to be in the spotlight to get your point across and to bring painful experiences you have suffered out to the light, letting people know about this on a grand scale while still keeping your independent solitude.

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a rapper and musician who currently lives in New York City. She will be touring this year with rapper Danny Brown.

Interview, Photographs and Astrology Reading by Emma Kathan