Coyote Cleanup

Sign: Aquarius
City: Detroit

Coyote Clean Up a.k.a. Christian Sienkiewicz a.k.a. Ice Cold Chrissy is an electronic solo musician and D.J. based out of Detroit, Michigan.

What was one of the first albums you remember listening to that you really connected with?

Souls Of Mischief 3 Til Infinity really hit a mark with me. The entire album has such a deep flow to it—the way the jazz and bass samples fit together so smoothly and sexy seems effortless. I love the way all the MCs play off each other and their flows and lyricism, something really connected with me. I was a young punk skateboarder at the time tagging and street skating, and listening to that record made such sense and hyped me up to skate.

Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star by Sonic Youth really hit me hard too. The diversity of the album, the harsher tracks, the softer dreamy tracks. Kim Gordon’s vocals on that album are amazing to me. I find that record real sexy too. There’s a voice-over on one track that goes ‘All your dreams will come true, all my dreams came true . . . but now . . . I have a bunch of other dreams.’ That lyric plays in my head nonstop. I got both of these records when they came out, around the same time, and I’d just go back and forth between the two. I still do.

When did you start to make your own music?

1993 is pretty much right when I really started making music—my own recordings on tapes. I had been writing raps since I was real young but never laid anything down on tape. One of the first tracks I did was this real ghetto cover of “Tokyo Eye” of Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.

 Did your family encourage you in your music?

Yes. My parents had a record collection since I was born. We were always listening to records at home and my mom would be telling me things like ‘Prince is so cool, don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise.’ My mom was an art school drop out and my dad was a Vietnam Vet. I think they sort of saw me as living out the dream they couldn’t have followed.

coyote clean up

What do you like to do in your spare time when you aren’t creating songs?

Definitely listening to music. I’m digging up stuff nonstop: old stuff, new stuff. I love talking about music, listening to it in different situations. If I don’t hear something new every single day I go mad.

Overall, do you prefer recording or playing live?

Obviously I love recording. I try to make a track a day. Playing live and DJing have started to become more and more fun and I can go deeper and get lost in my own musical world now.

What pushes you to write music when you are feeling lazy or uninspired?

When I’m lazy I write music! When I’m not lazy I go skateboarding or ride BMX, or paint, draw, or go hang out with friends. Ha. ha. I’m never uninspired. There’s just too much inspiration all around the world in every day in every way. I get inspired by a walk around the block. If I really want to write a new song and I’m feeling aimless I just turn on the radio (internet radio) or dig up some new records and I’m ready to rip.

How many albums have you released?

Around six. It’s hard to keep track! I’ve written some lost ones that were just on CDRs and never made it out officially. I need to put those out sometime soon somehow. I’ve got plenty of lost albums.

coyote clean up

What are you currently working on?

Playing live more than ever. It’s feeling really good. Everything just sort of came together with my live set. I’ve been getting out of Detroit finally and playing other cities. I’ve got slew of different side projects in the works: a punk band, an ambient/chill-out project, a downtempo/trip-hop project, and a noisy techno sort of project as well.

What do you love about music?


What inspires you on a daily basis?

I am not a morning person. I have a real hard time getting out of bed. My dreams are crazy and I lucid-dream almost every single night. It has gotten to the point where even if my dreams are crazy they don’t seem crazy anymore. It’s just like a duel life. Once I force myself out of bed I need some serious coffee. Then I usually throw a record down or turn on some internet radio like Rinse.FM or NTS.CO.UK—see what new records are out—try to check out everything. Then I’m feeling pretty okay and I usually like to put a new mix and playlist on headphones and go outside and ride BMX, skate, or go for a walk, go check out some shady corner or forest I’ve never been too. I love being outside in nature and listening to music and seeing how different it can sound and feel in different environments. I escape to the deep woods and listen to some freaky techno and see some deer running by and it just gets me amped on music and life in general.


Have you been reading anything interesting lately?

I started reading a lot of cheesy books on Zen habits. I’m trying to simplify things and make more sense out of this crazy world. I study art, architecture, and design—mostly modern. Reading about art and design really gets my brain moving. I really love equating the idea of an abstract painting or sculpture to the same idea of a song, whether it be my song or a song by someone else. I read the Finnish Kalevala (I come from Finnish heritage) which is an epic book of poems all based on natural mystic stories. I also read a lot of poetry. I’ve written hundreds of poems for years now, and some times I go back and read old ones that I didn’t even remember having written. My plan is to write and publish a book that’s at least 500 pages. I’ve put some of my poems up on my secret blog (guess it’s not a secret anymore) . But read with caution. I recently started reading Tim Kinsella’s book A Karaoke Singers Guide To Self Defense but I went on a trip and left it at home; he’s a musician too and I love his lyrics. I read his lyrics from his old records like poems. I think he’s a genius. I read tons of magazines on anything—fashion magazines—anything. I’ll read anything!

Where is the strangest place from which you have drawn inspiration?

It’s not really that strange but I’ve had moments when I was riding my bike sketchily into some off-beaten path, down a hill or in the woods listening to headphones and my tires slide out and I eat shit, terribly. Or maybe it will be on concrete. I’ll get all cut up, be bleeding, get a concussion, break something, but the music will still be playing on my headphones. The crazy bodily change, impact, and pain, and the fact that the same song I was listening to is still playing, but suddenly I’m thrown into a totally different vibe is really inspiring in the weirdest way.

What would you like to see happen in the future, for yourself and for the rest of the world?

I want to tour the world and to start my own record label so I can put out tons of my friends’ and a bunch of my own new music. I also want to make tons of paintings and art, some furniture, sculptures, put out a book of photos and poetry, and maybe even open my own store somewhere. My new motivating factor in creating music is to get to the level where I can start to give back to charities and help other people throughout the world. That’s my ultimate goal, to help others in need. I DO NOT want to see mother nature completely destroy the human race but I have a terrible feeling that could happen! So let’s just enjoy everyday to it’s fullest and be nice to everyone you love, and to strangers too. Talk to strangers.

Coyote Clean Up Interviewed by Emma Kathan for Psychic Gloss Magazine 2013.