Vanessa Prager photographed by Emma Kathan in Los Angeles

SIGN: Virgo
City: Los Angeles

Vanessa Prager is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

COUCH – Ball Point Pen Drawing by Vanessa Prager

At what point in your life did you discover art as your calling? 

I felt so misunderstood in my teens, as I think many people do, and art was a way for me to express myself. Also, it was a way for me to interact with other people so much more than I was able to at the time.

Making and showing pictures was a way to communicate which bypassed a lot of the messy stuff that can interject when you’re not yet so good at talking to people.

LOVE – Ball point pen drawing by Vanessa Prager

In what ways does art help you?

It helps me feel connected with people and the world in a more complete manner.

SAY SOMETHING – Painting by Vanessa Prager

In what way do you think art helps the world?

Art inspires people to think differently, to see things in a new light. I think somebody coming up with an idea can change a nasty unmoving situation around any day.

HIGH ROAD – Painting by Vanessa Prager

Where do you find your inspiration mostly?

That is ever changing. But a constant is the idea of making something that others can interact with on a new level, or anything that can inspire me or someone else to think about something in a new or different way.

FLASH – Painting by Vanessa Prager

When you find yourself going through a dry spell creatively, what helps you get back into the groove and start creating again?

It always helps for me to go outside, to do some kind of outdoor activity: hiking, biking, tennis, even a long walk, just getting out into nature and looking around.

SEAFLOWERS – Painting by Vanessa Prager

What have you been drawing/painting lately, and does there seem to be a certain theme running through these new works? 

There is a theme, though I’m not sure what it is. My work of late seems more intricate and layered. I’m always down for a few layers or more in a piece.

SUNDAY – Painting by Vanessa Prager

Do you have any exhibits coming up? 

Yes I am in a show in San Francisco next week and have another great show I’m working on

. . .t.b.a.

THE SILENT MAJORITY – Painting of Emma Kathan by Vanessa Prager

Interview with Vanessa Prager by Emma Kathan for Psychic Gloss.