Introduction to Numerology by Emma Kathan

Numerology began as a study of blending philosophy with mathematics and symbolism with abstract ideas, a study founded on the belief that numbers have coincidental and mystical properties. The subject positively drowns in texts and studies and even a cursory internet search can be mind-numbing, so we provide only the most simplistic explanation here—but suggest you dive into it for your own edification.

Pythagoras was one of the earliest champions of numerology, which is now considered a pseudo-science akin to astrology. One of the most interesting things about numbers is that they have their own unique “language” allowing them to transcend language barriers around the world. The basic tenets of Numerology have been in use since ancient times; they are involved in Kabbalah study and Jewish mysticism and are employed in the Old Testament of the Bible. The principle supporting numerology is that each number has a distinct vibration and a meaning, and that by looking at significant numbers such as your date of birth, or a date you are planning an important event, etc., you will be able to divine intuitively the meaning or influence the numbers hold for the specific event.

Your Life Path is your journey through life. To find your Life Path Number you simply add each number of the month, day, and year of your birthday, and reduce them down to a single number. The only exceptions are if they add up to 11 or 22, which are considered Master Numbers that do not reduce down but stay and are read in their double digit meaning.

For example if your birthday is December, 25, 1981: add together the number of the month, 12 (1+2)=3; the number of the day, 25 (2+5) = 7; and the numbers of the year, 1981 (1+9+8+1) = 19 (1+9) = 10 = (1+0)= 1. Then take the the sums of the month, the day and the year 3+7+1= 11. Now you have the Master number 11 which can’t be reduced any further, so your Life Path Number would be 11.

There are two systems of Numerology most in use today: Chaldean Numerology, the older of the two, has its origins in ancient Babylon and is named after the people who lived there, the Chaldeans; the more modern version is the Pythagorean Numerology system. I am following the Chaldean system here, but you may wish to read more about the two different systems and choose whatever feels right or resonates with you personally.

Numbers also correspond with the alphabet with each letter representing a certain number. In this way, you can decipher your name or other words of significance in your life.

The Chaldean system goes like this:

1 = A, I, J, Q, Y

2 = B, K, R

3 = C, G, L, S

4 = D, M, T

5 = E, H, N, X

6 = U, V, W

7 = O,Z

8 = F, P

With this system you can add up the numbers in your name, (first, middle, and last) you can also use the name you usually go by as opposed to your birth certificate name if that is rarely used, though you might want to look up both to see the different characteristics associated with each name path. Add up all of the numbers and reduce them to a single digit unless you get the Master Number 11 or 22. This is sometimes referred to as your Destiny or Expression Number; it shows you what your goals and potential are in life.

Basic Meanings of the Single and Master Numbers:

1= A Leader, Ambitious, Self-assured, Arrogant, Independent, Strong.

2= Diplomatic, A Peacekeeper, Flexible, Sensitive, Dependent.

3= An Optimist, Funny, Comedic, Friendly, Imaginative, Extravagant.

4= Hard-working, Well-grounded, Practical, Self-disciplined, Stubborn.

5= Free-loving, Fun-loving, Changeable, Easily bored, Non-committing.

6= Motherly/Fatherly love, Self-sacrificing, Home and Family based, A Peacekeeper, Jealous.

7= Deep thinking, Introspective, Wise, The Hermit, Quiet, Psychic, Idealistic, Depressive.

8= A Good Business person, Successful, Materialistic, A Good Manager, Visionary, Incorrigible.

9= A Humanitarian, Philanthropic, Egalitarian, Creative, Moody.

10= For the number 10, add the 1+0= 1 (The Leader)

11= Extremely Intuitive, Psychic, Insightful, A Dreamer, Charismatic, Innovative, A Humanitarian, Overly Sensitive.

22= An Over-Achiever, A Master-Builder, Self-confident, Inspirational, Powerful, Dramatic.