Le Sphinxx is an electronic band based out of New York City comprised of Danny Tonkin, Laura (Doorways) Saliba and Elizabeth (Lyfty) Sirena.


How did you all meet and start playing together?

Danny and I met at a Halloween party through one of my oldest and best friends Jessie Landivar. At the time Jessie and I had a lo-fi music project called Elephantasma. She and I had recorded a track in the basement of my old apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens, which she e-mailed to Danny; he added experimental guitars and samples of people speaking, etc. It was all very dreamy sounding, very Coco Rosie. We eventually morphed into LESPHINXX, which now has a kind of dark and feminine electronic punk sound. Some time later Jessie left the group and Elizabeth joined us. I had met Elizabeth through Oriana Gold (Dead Girl History) with whom I was in a riot girl/post punk band called Past Mistress. Our first show with Lyfty was Halloween 2011. So there’s definitely a Halloween Bermuda Triangle that hovers over LESPHINXX—we are very Halloween. Artist Uniska Wahala Kano, from Jamaica, Queens, also often performs live with LESPHINXX; we met Uniska in the local Bushwick Music-Art community. Lyfty and Uniska bring modern/tribal dance and avant-grade performance art to our live shows. We always include live pop-up art installation inspired by metaphysics, ancient Egypt, other ancient cultures, graffiti, Halloween, 99-cent shops, fairies, butterflies, crows, the dead , etc., etc. All in all, LESPHINXX is a Multi-Media Art Group which is deeply inspired by all things supernatural, shamanic, and divinely feminine.


Where can people find your music? 

Our first EP Athame is up on band camp for free. We are just about to release a full LP, Ħaġar Qim. We are just lurking for the right record label.


Video for “Hot Neon Lights” by Le Sphinxx:



Photos and Interview by Emma Kathan.