Makoto Kawabata is the founder and lead guitarist of the Japanese psychedelic band Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

Makoto Kawabata

Makoto’s Winter Playlist:  

Sand Roses (from Virginia USA, the greatest young band for me!) Bubbly Mummy Gun Sand Roses
Planet Caravan (it’s not typical BS song, but it’s really good psychedelic track.) Black Sabbath Paranoid
Uneri (great Japanese female folk singer recently. i love her music very much! even i play on this track! hahaha) Biroudoneko Uneri
Fais Voile Vers Le Soleil (always my favorite!) Karlheinz Stockhausen Aus den sieben Tagen
Child In Time (i found it on youtube. maybe not released as official yet… amazing version!) Blackmores Night
Shukumei (soundtrack of one of my best favorite Japanese film Suna No Utsuwa (Castle of Sand)”. when i drive in countryside, i listen to it many times. the view with this song remains me so beautiful ending scene of this film.) Mitsuaki Kanno
Theme of Hijo No License (one of my best favorite soundtrack from one of my best favorite Japanese TV drama in 70s “Hijo No License” by one of my best favorite Japanese composer!) Takeo Watanabe
Tugarukaikyo Fuyugeshiki (one of my best favorite song of one of my favorite Japanese female singer!) Sayuri Ishikawa
Hets (my best favorite Japanese female trio in these years!) Squimaoto Squimaoto
Baron, De Mon Dan Covit (from my best favorite album by my best favorite musicians ever!) Thomas Binkly & Studui Der Fruhen Musik Musik Des Mittelalters