Welcome to the Winter Issue!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re bringing you some interesting stories on the origins of Christmas and some of it’s main players: Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and Krampus. We also have some great Winter Playlists by some of our favorite musicians to keep you warm and inspired through the season!

The Winter Solstice this year will be December 21st, 2014 for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is the “shortest day” of the year with the sun reaching it’s lowest point at Noon and setting early for the longest night of the year. Within the following days, the sun will begin to rise higher and set later, leading us into Spring and Summer. The Winter Solstice and has long been associated in different cultures as a time of re-birth. Many Gods and Goddesses from around the world are seen as dying around the time of the solstice and then emerging from a cave or somewhere deep in the Earth in the following days. There was usually a feast on the solstice and it was seen as a day of stockpiling vegetables, meat and ale to last the coming Winter months. This is still considered a time of gathering friends and family and feasting and exchanging gifts. We hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you again in the Spring!

Emma Kathan
Editor in Chief 

Model Kelsea Dakota is wearing New York bodysuit by Hello Eliza and jewelry by Nettie Kent.
Styling by Koko Ntuen.
Photographs by Emma Kathan.