Photographs by Socrates Mitsios 

 Socrates Mitsios is a visual fine artist and a commercial artist, based in both Los Angeles and London. The photographic collection presented is entitled Devil’s Angels (2013/14) and is the first of a three part series. In Devil’s Angels, the cinematic images flirt with sex, cult-like ritual, and a blurred sense of sexual commerce as the female protagonist, Camille, is placed in multiple positions of veneration, adoration, and sacrifice. Camille, far from being a passive and impersonal object of worship (like many of our images of women today) chooses to revel in the “adoration” bestowed upon her while at times laughing at and inwardly mocking her adorers. Through this duplicitous participation, Camille seizes control and recreates the meaning of these cinematic moments. . … In Devil’s Angels, beauty is realized contrarily, and similarly, Camille is elevated through the “darkness” that struggles to bind her.

Devil’s Angels is an elaboration, in stills form, of the themes developed in his triptych film-installation entitled SoftRock, which was presented in a solo show at 1:1 gallery, NYC. Socrates is currently working on his forthcoming film-installation entitled Beast. Beast, intrinsically relates to its predecessor works, further elaborates their themes, and projects them into a world more operatic in feeling and more universal in experience.







Devils Angels Socrates Mitsios