Troy Von Balthazar by Adeline Fargier Jasso

Troy Von Balthazar is a musician and writer known for his work as lead singer for the band Chokebore and more recently, his solo work under his name. Troy lives and tours in Europe.

CITY: Berlin
SIGN: Pisces

Photos and Interview by Adeline Fargier Jasso for Psychic Gloss 

Excerpts from THIS POEM DOES NOT PLEASE HER by Troy Von Balthazar:


In thunder
they turned your green eyes back to gold
and twisted your body backwards
to get to the best part
propped you up against a block of stone
overlooking the entire empire
from the dots of your pupils
came the light for their houses
fire for their food
the gold in the air around them
flecks falling like rain
embalmed with jewels
heart replaced by goddess


When the powerful hoofs
of the riot horse break
the place in your chest
that covers your heart
fire at them
with all of your might
but be sure
that you don’t
recede into dark

Excerpts from the book 3 GIRLS by Troy Von Balthazar:

You say you never want it to stop. I feel the same way. I want to be locked in that translucent state forever.
Feel the way I feel on stage when everything molds and becomes formless. Every part of me, made to give.

There was a girl who reminded me of you, if you didn’t care. You, if you were free.

I always used to see Anna running through the trees as I drove past; she was naked and being chased through the forests outside of Prague,
through the Black Forest of Germany. I’ve seen her running, and I’ve chased her, running hard. Now I just see trees.