1. Practice thinking ahead. For instance, imagine what your next day will be like, think of details such as, “What color will my friend or co-worker be wearing?” Try concentrating/meditating on Lottery numbers instead of just getting a scratch off or having the numbers picked automatically for you. Before going into a parking lot or garage, imagine the color of the car you’ll park next to. When your phone rings, guess who is calling before you look at the caller ID. Start out with little things like this and don’t give up if it doesn’t happen completely correctly the first time. This, like anything else takes practice but you will begin notice quickly how more often than naught, you’re right!

2. Intuition takes concentration and focus. To practice your ability to focus and concentrate, imagine sitting in a room that is completely blue, you and everything in it would look like a Cyanotype photo. Now hold this picture in your mind and feel the blue all around you, you are “in” the blue room. Try to focus on this image of being completely surrounded by the color blue for one minute. (Set a timer so you can close your eyes and stay in the blue room). Were you distracted? Did other thoughts take you away from the blue room? This is completely normal and like I said before, it just takes practice. After you’ve completed one minute successfully, slowly build it up to two, three, etc. The longer you can keep your focus on a single thought or image, the easier it will become to focus on the present moment in waking life.

3. Trust your first impressions. We often get a glimpse of how we feel about a certain person as soon as we shake their hands and say, “Nice to meet you.” This first impression is either a warning flag or a sense of kindness. Really try to use your focusing technique to stay in the moment and really see how you feel about this person. You might even get glimpses into their life in flashes that will come to you before you even verbally communicate. It’s part of our logistic brain to tell ourselves, “Well, I shouldn’t think that, I don’t even know the person and I don’t want to be judgmental…” But truly learn to trust a feeling of discomfort when you meet someone this could truly save your life or just a lot of future trouble with this person.

4. Believe that you can be and are inherently intuitive (psychic)! Have you ever walked into a room where two people were just having an argument and even though they try to act normal as you arrive, you can “cut through the air with a knife”? Now these people didn’t tell you as soon you arrived. “Sorry, we’ve just been having a terrible argument and now is not the best time to have company over. Can we reschedule for another day?” But if you are in touch with your intuition and present sense, you’ll pick up on it and decide if it would be better for you to bow out gracefully or become a mediator if they’d like for you to stay and help them talk things over. The point is to use your “feelers” and don’t doubt them as being irrational. There is a legitimate reason that we have these sense impressions. If they weren’t of any use to humans and other animals in an evolutionary or survival sense, we wouldn’t have them at all and would walk around completely oblivious to our surroundings. Believe that intuition is a natural part of your makeup and trust your instincts!

5. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable in your ability to stay focused on your present environment and believe what your “feelers” are telling you about a certain person or situation, you’re on your way to really improving your own life and life choices as well as being able to help others around you as you can “sense” what is wrong before they say a word. The last tip I’d like to give is to keep a journal for as long as you can: a week, a month, a year. Keep this journal by your bed with a pen or pencil for immediate writing. When you wake up write down your dreams or even the small parts that you remember, then take a moment to listen to and observe your current surroundings. What noises do you hear? What is the weather like outside? Did you wake up with a song in your head? Are you thinking about a certain person? How do you feel this morning, happy, sad, anxious, content? Go about your day and mentally record any strong sense impressions that you receive. Did you hear that song or experience something that was in the lyrics today? Did the person you were thinking about this morning contact you in some way? Did your overall initial feeling for the day prove true for what the day held for you? Now you are not only practicing your intuition, your ability to focus on present moments and what they’re “trying to tell you”, but also your memory skills. If keeping a journal is something you don’t think you will keep up with, then try this: at the end of each day while lying in bed before you go to sleep, try to remember what you dreamt about last night, then remember waking up today and mentally go through your entire day until you finish where you are now. These practices will help to increase your memory, your attention to detail and your ability to stay in the present moment. Lastly, believe and trust in your own powerful intuition. You have the ingrained ability to avoid situations that are harmful to you and meet with situations that are beneficial to you!