by Emma Kathan


Ferdinand lured by Ariel by John Everett Millais

Why have humans always believed in supernatural beings? Why have we given them names, outfits, residences, and character traits? Why would we make this all up if none of it were even true? We do lie, and some of the most common reasons are for attention, so that people will listen to us and like listening to us because our lives “seem” so interesting, we also lie to get what we want, sometimes to cover up low self esteem and most commonly, I believe, as a survival tactic. I think that is actually where the root of lying comes from. If we have a limited amount of food to feed ourselves and our family for instance and a friend or neighbor comes over and asks us for some food, we can lie and say we don’t have any to protect our own survival. When we cheat on a lover, we usually lie about it because we fear what our partner will do, will they get angry, violent, kill us or the other person? I think a lot of lying comes from self preservation even in the case of a person making up a fantastical story so that they can keep a circle of friends or admirers around as a kind of social security for that person, so that they are not left alone as they fear they may be if the people got to know the real them or found out their lives weren’t really all that interesting.

So, if the majority of people in the world do not believe in those people who say they have been abducted by aliens or fairies or seen ghosts and think they are just making it up, maybe for attention, maybe for some other survival reason, what do you think that survival reason would be? The people who do often come out and talk about these strange experiences that occurred to them are most commonly ridiculed, ostracized or labeled “crazy”. If they go very public, they may even lose their jobs, their families, their friends, so in the case of lying about supernatural experiences, how would this benefit these people at all?

I’m sure there are some people who are making up stories for the attention and thinking this will gain them friends or fame but it is still a strange way to seek fame and we can’t say that everybody who recounts their stories are liars because we could liken that to any group of people talking about any subject which they have experienced. For instance, there is much controversy over the idea of hidden memories which need counseling or hypnotherapy for the patient to remember past traumas that happened to them as there is an idea that we “block out” certain events which are extremely traumatic to us, again as a survival tactic. Now, some of these people may not have actually had anything bad happen to them and can be lead by the counselor to believe what the counselor would like to believe had happened to them but which in actuality never did. But can we say for sure that in 100 percent of such repressed memory cases these people weren’t actually abused and really didn’t really rely on some way of switching thoughts to not deal with the present pain or torture they were experiencing and as a way of surviving the ordeal, disassociate and “block out” what was happening? These memories aren’t said to be erased but just blocked out for the person’s sanity or survival.

If we can try to pry open our minds and accept that not everything has a scientific answer to it yet, maybe we can try to take the viewpoint that there is something to the stories that people have been telling since earliest human history of these small humanoid beings and our experiences with them. If it is all in our minds, then even that is a pretty significant and remarkable thing to explore. If people from all over the world since the beginning of written language and even cave art have been depicting the same hallucinations without being in contact with each other, for instance similar beings are depicted in prehistoric cave art in Australia, France, Africa, the Americas and so, could there be something about our brains which we don’t understand yet which creates the idea or mass hallucination of these beings surrounding us?

Now, it would be easier to explain this away if everyone who had these experiences had a mental disorder such as schizophrenia which causes hallucinations, or they were all on hallucinogenic drugs, or were sleep deprived etc. But this isn’t the case unfortunately. These experiences happen to people who have been tested over and over for any mental or medical disorders with no results to show that they aren’t healthy in both body and mind. They have also been put through lie detector tests and passed. They don’t always happen in a cabin in the woods in the middle of the night with no witnesses either. So how do we explain this? And how do we explain other people witnessing their friends or family members being abducted before their very own eyes?

I’m not trying to convince you that these experiences are all real but I am asking you to open your mind to the possibility that there is something here which shares a common thread. There is some experience that humans have been describing through art, language and writing around the world since the beginning of our recorded history that describes encounters with beings which are not totally dissimilar to us but different enough to cause us to fear and or revere them. And if “they” don’t really exist than let’s try to explore the mechanism in our brains which seems to create the feeling of being in contact with something or a group of somethings which aren’t really there.

First of all hallucinations can be had by people for a variety of reasons including sleep deprivation, schizophrenia, epilepsy, migraines, medication, drugs and alcohol. Another common hallucination people endure from time to time is what is known as sleep paralysis, a very unpleasant experience where you are caught between a state of being asleep and awake. This usually happens when someone is extremely overtired and while the brain is beginning to awake, the body is struggling to stay asleep. This can often leave people feeling paralyzed, or held down/weighted down by something they can’t see, people also describe a feeling of disassociation from their bodies or feeling like there are other beings in the room with them. Once these frightening feelings kick in, we switch into fight or flight mode. We begin to perspire, our heart rate and breathing increase, which is all well and good if we need to run away to avoid a predator or fellow human but when lying in bed feeling immobilized can just lead to a very bad panicky feeling. The good thing to know about this is that it can happen to anyone and the best way to come out of it is to tell yourself it’s just sleep paralysis and relax, even fall back asleep because that’s what your body wants to do and once your body relaxes you’ll be able to get up. It’s seen by doctors as our brains waking up before our bodies do, which usually happens when one is overtired or overworked.

So, some of these experiences people experience could very well be connected to sleep paralysis or mental disorders but what about people witnessing things while they are wide awake? And what about the rest of the population who sees things but is not diagnosed with mental disorders? And even more curious is if it is all in our minds then how strange that people from all over the world who grew up in different cultures with different levels of poverty or wealth, those who grow up in jungles, deserts, large cities and small towns all tell the same stories of seeing small humanoid creatures who experiment on them in usually frighteningly disturbing ways.

Before fairies were given the beautiful, cute, even sexy look that we are used to associating with them now they were seen as frightening beings with supernatural powers who were at their best only mischievous and at their worst murderous. The history of fairies can’t be dated exactly as most stories of these creatures were passed down orally. They have been described though from all cultures around the world as smaller than adult humans usually around 3-4 feet, sometimes incredibly small, closer to the size of an insect or dragonfly but human looking and able to disappear and reappear as if they go into and come out of another realm which we can’t visibly see.

The most common way that people described seeing fairies disappear from human sight was in a “fairy ring.” This would be described as the fairies joining hands and forming a circle which would spin faster and faster until they would all disappear. This glowing circle today might be described as a flying saucer. Whenever a human was said to bear witness to this spinning fairy circle, more often than naught the fairies will realize they are being watched and chase the offending human away.


These creatures which are described as fairies are incredibly small, only inches tall and while I haven’t seen anything describe them as having wings, it may be that their ability to fly through the air or disappear into thin air was seen as having wings which would be the only logical way to describe seeing a creature in the air besides a bird in the days before airplanes. There are also “little people” who vary in looks and range in height between 2-3 feet tall.Many people in Scandinavia, Ireland and the British Isles still actively believe in these little people. Sometimes roads which are being built will be re-routed rather than cut through the territory of the little or hidden people. Stories passed down from our early history include people being abducted by fairies, being either flown into the sky with them or taken through an opening in a mountain, a secret door, which opens into a modern space that most people described as cold, astringent, bright and hospital like. They were then operated on, had needles stuck in them, males had their sperm taken from them and females were impregnated. When the females were returned to their homes they wouldn’t quite remember where they were and by the time of their childbirth would either be taken back by the fairies to their realm where they would take her child or they would give birth to what were called changelings, half human/half fairy children. Sometimes a new mother who wasn’t visited by fairies previously would have her normal, healthy child stolen from its crib and in place they would leave a deformed hybrid child. Now, there are some stories about what these children called changelings could have been, fairies aside, and that could have been a child born with down syndrome or a cleft palate or simply a child the mother didn’t want to have and so if it was deemed an evil changeling, she had the right to put to death. So, let’s keep that in mind as what may have been some of the actual occurrences but for some of the more supernatural stories, women were said to have been abducted by the fairies and brought into a room where strange hybrid children were kept. They were asked to nurse these children and though many felt fright at the sight of them, many also felt pity and also resemblance in some of the hybrid children and so nursed them only to be returned later to their home. There were also stories of missing time with the fairies. If you were abducted by them for instance, what would seem like ten to fifteen minutes could end up being days, weeks, or longer when the people were returned to their homes or natural settings. People who were abducted would be astonished at how much time had passed and their family members would be as well as some of the longer abductions, where family members assumed that they were dead and had moved on or changed residences.


Anyone who has read more modern literature about alien abduction experiences can see the obvious parallels in missing time, being experimented on by these beings and having hybrid children with them that they also seem to do as an experiment.

What are these creatures? Could it be that what we now in modern society call aliens are the same inter-dimensional beings once referred to as fairies and why is it they have been so close to us from the beginning of our history? Have they been experimenting on us and interbreeding with us? And if so, what is their purpose in doing so?


Children of the Sun by Ana Bagayan