Millionyoung is a dreamy, downtempo electronic music duo from Miami, Florida comprised of Mike Diaz and Kristof Ryan.

Grow- Millionyoung


Where were you born?

Mike: Miami
Kristof: New York

What are your nationalities?

Mike: Cuban and Puerto Rican
Kristof: Chinese from Hong Kong

What was one of the first albums you purchased that really inspired you musically?

Kristof: Beck -Mutations
Mike: Neutral Milk Hotel – In and Aeroplane Over the Sea

What is another passion of yours besides music?

Well, we’re big on basketball. Been throwing down on a lot of Street Fighter between studio sessions. We’ll do a few matches during bounce time for tracks.

Easy Now – Millionyoung

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Really it’s our fans. If even one other person can vibe to something we make then the work is worth it.

What would you say the majority of your lyrics are about?

The lyrics are really all open for interpretation. They’re almost all written in the middle of night, with more attention toward the sounds of the words than their meaning. Usually the next morning we’ll realize they were thoughts cropped out from the previous day.

Mike, do you solely write all of the music and lyrics for Millionyoung or do you write with a partner or partners?

The first few releases were just me alone but now I’ve partnered with my good friend Kristof and we collaborate together on the new material. We also have another project that we do called Chévere, it’s much more hip hop and sample oriented.

Mien – Millionyoung

What are you currently working on with Millionyoung?

We’ve got a new EP called Materia coming out July 2014 and a full length album is also in the works. Right now our focus is more towards bringing the new music out on the road to share with everyone.

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Millionyoung’s Summer Playlist
1 Vanilla – Sunshine Static
2 Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
3 Metronomy – The Bay
4 TOKiMONSTA – Darkest (Dim)
5 The Zombies – Time of the Season