Letter From the Editor

Psychic Gloss is a digital magazine focusing on Art, Music, Psychology and the Occult. 


The magazine can be purchased through our website http://www.psychicgloss.com and is also available as a downloadable app in the I-Tunes App Store. The Premiere Summer Issue (June 2013) is available for free viewing in its entireity on the website. 


Psychic Gloss is released quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and is advertisement free! 


The pages of Psychic Gloss are uniquely designed and put together by our team of extremely talented photographers, artists and designers. We take pride in creating a colorful, creative and unique magazine for the aesthetic enjoyment and inspiration of our readers. The premise of Psychic Gloss is to make a magazine that doesn’t focus on typical celebrity idolization, pop-culture references and materialism. We wish to focus on highly creative artists, musicians and writers who sometimes tend to fly under the radar of popular culture. We believe in quality over quantity. We wish to explore our world, our bodies, and our minds with you by conducting in-depth interviews with logicians, philosophers, psychologists, paranormal researchers, quantum physicists, artists, writers, healers and great thinkers from around the world. We’re always looking for new things to learn, to experience and to share to with you, our reader. 


Please feel free to contact us at: contact@psychicgloss.com


Thank you and we hope you enjoy the magazine!


Emma Kathan

Editor in Chief of Psychic Gloss Magazine



Model Jane Cogger photographed by Emma Kathan in Montauk, New York.